General genomics

Evidence-based point of care tools for health care providers on general genomic topics including conditions, tests and technologies.

Family history (Updated Jan 2020)

The Who, When, Why, Where and How of family history, with resources for providers and the public, as well as a tool to facilitate drawing out the family history with key questions.

Family history red flags (updated 2019)

A point of care tool to easily reference family and personal history Red flags that may prompt a more targeted family history and/or referral to appropriate specialist.

Factor V Leiden (Updated Oct 2014)

A point of care tool on factor V Leiden containing when to offer genetic testing and management recommendations for asymptomatic carriers.

Hereditary Hemochromatosis (Updated Jan 2018)

A point of care tool containing red flags to identify patients at risk of hereditary hemochromatosis most likely to benefit from genetic testing and/or referral to genetics as well as screening and surveillance recommendations for individuals who have a positive genetic test result.