Prenatal and Preconception Genomics

Evidence-based educational resources for healthcare providers on prenatal and preconception genomic topics.  See more resources in our Point of Care tool section of ethnicity-based screening, our section on Technology for more on

Carrier screening in Canada 

Point of care tool: A set of tools containing the Canadian guidelines for health care providers on pre- and post-conceptional reproductive genetic carrier screening. (Updated Sept 2016)


GEC-KO on the run: A 2-page, evidence-based summary for healthcare providers.  Features a bottom line, red flags to consider genetic consultation, what consanguinity means for your patient. (Updated Feb 2019)

GEC-KO Messenger: A 4-page, comprehensive evidence-based resource for healthcare providers.  Features a bottom line, what to know about the genetics of consanguinity, red flags to consider genetic consultation, resources, references and more.  (Updated Feb 2019)

Expanded carrier screening 

Point of care tool: Expanded carrier screening refers to reproductive genetic carrier screening beyond one’s ethnicity and family history.  Here is a pair of point of care tools for health care providers containing tips for offering expanded carrier screening and information on possible results and what to do next. (Updated March 2017)

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

GEC-KO on the run: A 3-page, evidence-based summary for healthcare providers.  Features a bottom line, current Canadian recommendations, red flags to consider offer of NIPT, what the results mean, benefits and limitations of the test (Updated Oct 2017)

[A Guide to Understanding] Prenatal Screening 

Patient resource: This resource can be used by providers and patients to discuss and decide about prenatal genetic screening in pregnancy. Information is divided into easy to digest sections. (Updated Jan 2019)

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