General Genetic Counselling

These modules illustrate general genetic counselling concepts and skills and can be incorporated into any genetics education session as needed.

Family history: Why it matters (Updated Nov 2019)

Originally developed for the 2019 CFPC Family Medicine Forum and the 2019 OCFP Annual Scientific Assembly

Features family history tools and red flags that can be applied clinically throughout the life cycle from preconception to adult. Case examples include ethnicity-based screening, long QT syndrome, hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome with extras on direct to consumer testing, familial hypercholeserolemia and fragile X syndrome.

Following this session the learning will be able to:

1. Identify patients whose family history suggests an increased risk of a genetic condition
2. Tailor screening and management to genetic risk to improve patient outcomes
3. Find high quality genomics educational resources appropriate for primary care

General benefits, risks and limitations of genetic testing. (May 2016)

This is a brief overview of general benefits, harms and limitations of genetic test to facilitate education and discussion